Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumkins in Canada!

 We've been happy to have uncle Kyle, Auntie Thao and cousin Katie visit from Vietnam.
 Logan likes Uncle Kyle's ipad!

 It's also their first time experiencing Halloween!
 Grandpa helped with carving their first pumpkin


Scary Fest 2011

 We had a blast at Scary Fest at Markham Museum! It was our first year going and we're looking forward to making this an annual Halloween event
Leave it up to Logan to find a dance floor!
At the church and armed with "garlic" to scare the vampire!
Logan is a bit unsure to start off...
 Checking out the vampires coffin --he sleeps with a blankie and a teddy bear too!
 Logan gets the vampire with garlic!

 Solving a riddle to get candy

 Devil's workshop
 Mad Scientist Workshop

 Zia Sarah joins us!!!

 Monster Museum

 Fairy dust, troll hair and vampire teeth were just a few of the artifacts
 Longest beard in the word
 Zia Sarah tries her luck at putting the vampire to sleep with garlic!

 At the press shop -Jolly Green Giant and Big Foot is still wanted
 Going back for a second fortune
 Logan is going to be the next Micheal Jackson! They got it right!!

 And we return home and Auntie Thao has prepared yummy X10000 Vietnamese food. OMG- sooo good!

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