Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Pathfinder Playset Model 65008

We got the Pathfinder by Adventure Playsets from Walmart. It came in three packages that were quite heavy but could fit in the back of our CRV. All the pieces were labeled and the directions were pretty detailed and fairly easy to follow. But this is definitely a project for a handy person- we were very lucky to have Grandpa and his new drill!
Thursday night Grandma and Grandpa sorted all the pieces and checked them off the list.
Friday it rained all day, so Grandpa put a few things together in the garage.
Saturday it was hard core building all most all day!

Allan and Grandpa still working...
Can you see them? Still working!
On Sunday morning there was just a few more things to do...
Finished! Thank you Grandpa!
Logan in looking forward to sharing this with his cousins K.C.X. and cousin Katie!

Update: It's the end of summer and five kids played on this all long's holding up great! See here for more pictures


Uncle Kyle said...

Wowwww that looks like a lot of fun!
Wait a minute, why does it seem to be very crooked in all the pictures? heheheh

Anonymous said...

LOL That's b/c it is! Dad claims it is the slightly uneven ground. It's very sturdy though. Hope Katie can play on it soon!

Swing Set Pros said...

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