Friday, September 9, 2011

At the Falls with the cousins

We had another lovely long weekend in Niagara Falls -especially since the cousins where there this time! And Mommy had some serious birthday pampering at the spa!
 The kids made Kalia a pillow fort.

 She enjoyed being around all the kids and they all adored her
 Auntie showed Logan how to play the DS -Logan doesn't like Santa (see here! LOL) but he did say a Christmas Elf could bring him one instead
 We had a bit of a heat wave and the boys cooled off outside. Kali was very happy to watch from the window

 At The Rainforest Cafe

 At the Falls
 First time at an arcade --loved this catching popcorn game

 Watching the kids in the backyard with Lola
 This playset is still holding up really great!


Anonymous said...

I bought this same play structure and haven't assembled it yet. I only have 2 boxes and it says 2 of 2. So what was in the third box?

Yummy Mommy Mia said...

Maybe they changed the packaging? Just check all the parts against the list at the start of the instructions. Takes a while to put together but it's held up great! I think if we were to do it over we would try to level it a bit's sort of leaning a bit.

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