Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinoy Time Again

We went back to our favorite Filipino restaurant in Markham...

Kalia loves the mango juice!

Reading comics with Tito D!
Kalia loves her Ninong!

Valentine's Day Out-Takes

Inspired once again by Pinterest, I decided to be a bit crafty for Logan's Valentine's day cards for school. I wanted to take a picture of him holding a heart so we could write his friends names in it. I picked up an inflatable heart from the dollar store.....but getting a four year old boy hold a red heart and smile is no easy feat. LOL Check out these funny out-takes!

Getting better....

I just put two pictures on the normal picture size and added the "Happy Valentine's! From Logan" right at the photo kiosk at Walmart. Then we wrote the kids names on the hearts, punched a hole and attached a pair of "Hater Shades" sunglasses that Logan is wearing in the picture -4 for a buck at Dollarramma. Soooo easy and such a great hit with all the kids!

Smiling on Demand

There is a reason Kalia is a YouTube Super Star --check out this smile of hers! Makes us laugh all the time!

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