Friday, December 30, 2011

Chritsmas Warm-Up 2011

 We kicked off the Christmas Season with the P--Family Christmas Party! Logan loves to see his cousins and was excited about this!
 Each kid gets one present this night --so they can warm up and hone their unwrapping skills for the big Christmas day. This was the first time Kali unwrapped a gift --and she freaked out over her new dolly.

 Pool Sharks

 Great night with great food and even better company!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Filipino Favourite!

 We checked out a new Filipino restaurant in Markham with Lola. Logan has declared it to be his favourite restaurant -pretty awesome for a place where you don't get a toy with your meal!
 B Boy L-Rock

 Kali loved the lumpia!

 Logan got my camera and took some pictures...interesting to see his view

 We went back a week later with Kali's Godfather and some friends. Logan had Halo-Halo for the first time and loved it!

 Logan again took the camera and got these shots...

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Library and Holidays in the Village

We had a lovely time at the library. It was the first time Kali was out of her stroller and exploring there.

 Not only did we happen to be there for stories and song time, Logan got a magic key so Santa could get in our house and he told the librarian about a book he read so he could get a star to decorate and put on the tree.

 Kali clapped and cheered for Logan

 "Cookie? No, Logan didn't give me a cookie? Why do you ask?"
 We went to the Community Safety Village of York Region's "Celebrations of Cultures". Logan was so thrilled to drive in the golf cart from the parking lot with daddy!
 On a wagon ride around the village

 Logan loved these!

 With the safety beaver -see the cute little village behind us? Adorable isn't it? Inside each building was a craft, activity or food item sponsored by a cultural or religious group from York Region. We got our names written on bookmarks in Japanese, we tasted samosas,  we had Tartar Russian tea, played jingle bells to Bahai songs and looked at art from different countries. So much fun!

 These blow-up decorations are always a big hit with Logan
 Making jingle bells and gingerbread in "Santa's Workshop"
 Hot chocolate and timbits --Santa must be Canadian!
 Surprisingly Logan sat and watched the kids sing like a dozen Christmas Carols. He really liked watching the older kids

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