Monday, August 8, 2011

Splash Pad Review 9: Sunnyridge Park / Tesstown

Going a bit north for our "Markham Splash Pad Tour", we headed to Stouffville. On the Child's Life splash pad list, this spash pad is listed as Tresstown Neighbourbhood Park, although the sign at the park calls it Sunnyridge Park. This one is hidden at Sunnyridge Avenue and Raxlin Street -South of Hoover Park Drive and East of Ninth Line.
Features include:
*Sponge floor on splash pad
*Awesome layout of splash pad with water cannons, floor jets, misters and all well timed
*Covered area with benches where you can see both playgrounds and splash pad
*Basketball and tennis courts beside park
*A picnic table
*A park for younger and older kids with swings
*Little stones for playground floor
*"Woodland" theme carried through splash pad and both play-sets

Here's Logan at the "big kid" playgaround. This one is designed for kids 6 to 12 so at three and a half he found this rock wall too challenging. He really needed a few boosts but with Kalia in my arms, I wasn't a big help.
Not one to give up -Logan tried another route to get to the big slides.
Note the picnic table in the back ground!

"Can you help me?"
The only way to the top of the older kids playground is by a rock wall a ladder thingy or these curved bars by Logan. After trying the ladder and finding the gap too far for him to step across he decided to live these curved bars a go.
He was a bit nervous being that it was so high -and so was I as I was holding Kali. But with me talking him through it the first time, Logan made it to the top! After that he a pro doing it.
At the top of the "clubhouse" there's a treasure map on the wall, which Logan thought was the coolest thing.

At the smaller playground for 2 to 5 year olds. At three and a half, Logan didn't find this one that interesting and preferred the older play-set.
He totally loves these water cannons. Some splash pads don't really have enough water pressure to get the other person wet but these ones are great.
Logan VS Kalia & Mommy = wet!
View of both play-sets and swings. It was great that you could see everything from one spot. Excellent if you have multiple kids running around -one could be on the splash pad and one on the play equipment and you could keep your eye on everyone!

Great long curvy design to this splash pad. The smaller kids are at the end where there are jets on the floor angled out -rather than straight up. Kalia at 6 months sat with me here and loved putting her hands and feet in the water jets to get me wet. This park was so great but why couldn't the playground have a foam floor too?? We have yet to find a park where both have foam floors...
And here is the whole set up -very nicely laid out. It'll be great when the trees are bigger. So far we've been to three of the four Stouffville splash parks and after looking at the Madori Neighbourhood Park on Google Street View, I'm going to say this is the best splash park in Stouffville.
We liked this one a lot. Of the six splash pads we've been to so far in Markham, Millikin Mills is our favorite. So which one wins best over all? That's hard. If it's a weekend I think I would pick this one because the neighbourhood is still being built so it's likely not going to be as busy. Millikin Mills has a lot of soccer and baseball fields around it so I imagine it must get really busy as kids go the park as their siblings play sports.


Karen Ta said...

Thanks for all the reviews on the splash pads! Very helpful.

Tammy A said...

I cant tell you how much I appreciate these reviews! Such a treat to see the pics and be able to decide ahead of time which pad would be the best fit for the kids. Thanks so much:)

Rectoday said...
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