Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Justin Bieber Morning

Logan got some hand-me-down clothes from his cousin X. He freaked out when he saw the "funny guy" tracksuit that X had worn for Halloween -he was very happy to wear it!
Some Jabbawockeez dancing first of course...
Then on to sing Justin Bieber! He got his first CD from Auntie Vickie.
"Baby, Baby, Baby! Ohhh Baby!" This is huge.
Logan has zero interest in drawing. He loves asking other people to draw things and likes doing crafts -painting, gluing, stickers -but no interest in drawing with crayons. He wanted me to draw Justin but I told him he had to go first. And he picked up the crayons and drew Justin! OMG! Lots of "funny hair"
Here's a little help to see what he drew:
Looking at the Justin Bieber calender that daddy got as a "joke" from Tito Tai.
"I'll draw that one!"And he even drew a second Justin picture! I think this is the first time he drew someone or something.
And in return he picked different pictures from the calender for me to draw...And he specifically asked me to draw Logan, Auntie, Cousin C and Daddy as the people Justin was singing to...Two new faces!
Justin Bieber Face #1:
Justin Bieber Face #2:

LOL -looks like a moody teenager!

Christmas Dinner 2010

Christmas evening was spent at Auntie Di's and Uncle Bill's again!

We ate way too much!
Logan was very happy to give Great Grandma the gifts he made and the bird seed he picked out for her.

Playing with Megan's puppet

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Santa came to our house! Logan was a very good boy and posed for pictures before opening gifts.
Logan wearing his hat he made at school.
A toolbox from Uncle Chris!
Santa brought a neat spiral painting wheel so Mommy and Logan can have fun at craft time!
Logan loved all the books he got --a train one from Auntie Beth!
Trying to get to the bottom of the stocking...
A Mr. Dressup book from Santa!! Setting up his hot wheel set from his cousins K, C and X.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Logan had a great time "playing" Just Dance 2 at the annual U Family Christmas Eve party. He just had a controller that wasn't turned on and danced to every single song the whole night.
Always dancing...
Our family --soon to be four!
Crazy Cousins!
Watching the big kids play With Lolo and Lola
Christmas music! :D


Bigger cousins, Aunties and Uncles with Lola Sr. Lola Sr with some of her kids""I had fun, Daddy!"
Almost 11pm -time to get home before Santa comes!

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