Monday, October 26, 2009

Pee-pee in the Potty!!!

The big news is that Logan went pee in the potty for the first time! Before his bath at night I ask him to sit on the potty. Sometimes he says 'no' but other times he will sit for a bit. We try not to make a big deal when doesn't but when he does we always clap and tell him to put his pee in the potty --and Friday night he did at 20 months old! Big celebration at our house! LOL I could not have predicted how excited the three of us could get over a bit of pee. On Saturday morning Logan got to pick out a balloon for his big potty performance.

Logan loves to help out around the house. Truly a modern man. I'm trying to take advantage of this while it lasts. I'm teaching him how to do laundry since it seems to be unending at our household.

On Sunday we went to see Tita Kathy, baby Kayla and Jacqueline.

"Bye Kayla!"

Logan with his Godmother

We visited Tito Darryl in his condo downtown for a pizza party Sunday night. Here is Logan sitting on the sofa being a 'big boy'.
Here he is with his bubble trick. He is the only one in swimming class that has this perfected.

Super Star Logan!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rides and Fish!

Dada went to church in the morning and Logan and I discovered that a pillow, a box and the belt from a housecoat could amuse us for an hour or two. It reminded me of how much he enjoyed the sled last winter. This picture is blurry since every time I slowed down Logan would say "More! More?"

Finally I collapsed.

"More please, Momma?"

"Don't worry Logan, Dada will give you lots of rides when he gets home...."In the afternoon we went to go "train" with Tito D. Tito D even gave Logan a few 'rides'Afterwards it was off to Big Al's fish store.
Wow, did Logan ever LOVE it there!
We put him in his stroller which was an excellent way to keep him in control -some of the tanks had open tops and there were ponds set up.
"Hi, fish!"

Logan did not want to leave the fish store. He was having so much fun there looking at all the different colours and saying 'hello' to his new friends. We ended up staying longer then we thought and ate out to avoid a hungry toddler melt-down.

Luckily there was our favorite Pho's place near-by. Yum!

We're looking forward to Auntie Thao visiting us and cooking for us!

Our Saturday

On Saturday morning we headed off to breakfast with Lolo, Lola, Auntie and the cousins. Here is Logan with his kid's meal pancakes --he actually ate most of it! "Happy Birthday, Lolo!"

"No more pictures, Momma!"

"Thanks for a fun swim class, Dada!"

Quick visit with Tita Liise

Getting our Eid loot bag...we had Grandma and Grandpa over and had to miss the special party.

Trying to get a picture of Na'eema and Logan together...too close to nap time!

Dropping off donations at the fire hall for the Filipino Relief Effort. Logan might not have fully understood what we were doing but it is important for us to involve him in things like this.
Logan even went for a hair cut at the new Cornell Cuts for Kids

I love my books!

Most of Logan's books are kept in his room. He likes to read them before bed --all of them! He's pretty independent and likes to choose which book we read and likes to "read" them by himself now too. Luckily he also likes to help with the tidying up too!
But in the morning, it's time to read again!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Logan's Art

Logan really isn't interested in colouring but he loves doing art projects. He really loves putting stickers on paper. Here is one he did at home: He has always liked painting. These two he did at daycare...
After doing this one with potato stamps he started making "art" on his plate by dipping his chicken strips in plum sauce and stamping away!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Double Trouble

On Monday we went to Lolo's and Lola's for Thanksgiving with the cousins. Unfortunately we don't have many pictures...there was too much crying and fussing about by Logan. He was a bit off since Sunday afternoon at Grandma and Grandpas. We thought it was his back molar coming in.
Here is Logan eating Puto , a Filipino rice cake. We had Logan checked out on Monday night and it turns out he has an ear infection --in both ears! Poor guy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We visited Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving.
Reading books and having snacks were some of the highlights for Logan...

Hink's Street Park -very different from the cement, tires and high wood structures that I remember!

Uncle Kyle, this is behind the apartment parking on Hink's street! It's looking very different!

Logan loves this video:

In the backyard there are gold fish to look at and grapes from Great Grandma Poole to pick!

We wish you were here, Uncle Kyle, Auntie Thao and Cousin K-T!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Fair 2009

This Sunday Grandma and Grandpa came for a surprise visit! They took Logan to the local Fall Fair. Logan went last year but didn't really know what was going on. Now he knew all the animal sounds and really had a fun time.
Logan was so happy to see a real elephant -he is looking forward to getting bigger so he can ride it with Grandpa! Bunnies!
A cute doggie!
The ramp up into the bus was very exciting to Logan...

There was even a reptile display!

The fire fighting challenge was a lot of fun!

First prize in the baby contest!

"Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!"

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