Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rides and Fish!

Dada went to church in the morning and Logan and I discovered that a pillow, a box and the belt from a housecoat could amuse us for an hour or two. It reminded me of how much he enjoyed the sled last winter. This picture is blurry since every time I slowed down Logan would say "More! More?"

Finally I collapsed.

"More please, Momma?"

"Don't worry Logan, Dada will give you lots of rides when he gets home...."In the afternoon we went to go "train" with Tito D. Tito D even gave Logan a few 'rides'Afterwards it was off to Big Al's fish store.
Wow, did Logan ever LOVE it there!
We put him in his stroller which was an excellent way to keep him in control -some of the tanks had open tops and there were ponds set up.
"Hi, fish!"

Logan did not want to leave the fish store. He was having so much fun there looking at all the different colours and saying 'hello' to his new friends. We ended up staying longer then we thought and ate out to avoid a hungry toddler melt-down.

Luckily there was our favorite Pho's place near-by. Yum!

We're looking forward to Auntie Thao visiting us and cooking for us!

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