Monday, February 28, 2011

Off we go!

We left for the grandparents house straight from Saturday morning dance class. Logan was very excited when we told him we would be spending the night there.
Given the big success of Jello at Logan's Science Class, Grandma and Grandpa had him help make Jello Jigglers.
Logan is getting into nicknames and like to assign them.
Grandma = Gram
Grandpa =Gramp
Daddy = Dad
Mommy = Mom
Kalia = Kali or Ka
Logan = Logie or Lo
Comming to visit them also meant a night out for us!!
Kalia waited until we were home to wake up for her bottle!

Sunday Lunch with Great Grandma

We had Sunday lunch with Great Grandma to celebrate Logan's birthday and to give her a chance to meet Kalia!

Cuddle time!
Kalia's middle names are Ramona and Marie after her two living great grandmas.
Picking out the flowers Logan wants to plant in the spring
Logan pretending to be a baby too.

Friday Fun

Kalia is huge. Here she is wearing the jumper that Logan wore when he was three months old --she's not even two months yet! She's moved on to wearing the 3-6 months sizes now.

On Friday, Logan's daycare was closed so Allan took the day off so we could have some fun together! We went to bookstore and Logan picked out three books -a Yo Gabba Gabba book, the classic Green Eggs and Ham, and a book Allan and I both remember: Corduroy. He was being so good that day I also got him Justin Bieber trading cards that they had at the cash ---this kid is everywhere!

We had a nice Vietnamese lunch out to celebrate my journal article being the fifth most accessed article in the last 30 days for the journal it was published in! When ever we go for Pho's we also use it as an opportunity to talk about his Auntie, Uncle and cousin.
"Logan, where does Uncle Kyle, Auntie Thao and Katie live?"
"Where does Logan live?"
After nap we went to the Science Centre, where we attended a "science class" for those three and under.
After circle time there were three activity tables to go to. Logan really enjoyed making art with Jello.
Most kids just hesitantly touched it a few times but Logan dived right in!

The water area was once again a big hit too!

The Science Centre is closing -time to go home!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Day Bunch Dance Party

We were all very excited to hear that Bunch was hosting another Family Dance Party. Logan loved the last one we went to at the Government nightclub and was excited to out dancing again. With big shoes to fill, Logan does his B-Boy pose as we get ready to leave.
This one was held at the North York city hall for Family Day.
In the mini skateboard park trying out a ramp
Graffiti time with some black lights
Back to the dance floor!
We took a break from dancing and went to the craft area --we made a monster face which the Bunch crew attached to a stick to make a puppet. Logan LOVED it. So much that he refused to let go of it. He spent the rest of his time there holding it while playing games and dancing. He actually fell asleep in the car ride home still holding onto it.

Mayor Rob Ford make a quick appearance. When he came into the room, the kids rushed him! Quickly determining that he was not Santa and not handing out candy, they went back to dancing. :D

Weekend in Niagara Falls

We spent the weekend in Niagara Falls at Lolo's and Lola's with the cousins. We left Friday night until late Sunday. Logan and I went to Walmart with Lolo and Lola. Lolo gave Logan $20 to shop with. Surprisingly he took this task very seriously. We went down every aisle of the toy department twice and Logan would ask if we had enough to but different things. In the end he bought the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos game to play with his cousins, a bag of party mix chips and pretzels for the pajama party later that night and bag of BBQ chips for Dad. Very interesting choices for a three year old -plus he's saving the change in his coat pocket.
For a month and half year old, she sure can hold her head up well!
Logan tripped and fell in the living room and smashed his head into the leather ottoman. As soon as I heard him cry, I knew he was hurt bad. There was blood on his face and he was screaming. It was just Lola and I there and we panicked --she took Kalia from me so I could hold Logan went and got Lolo from upstairs. I took Logan to the front door and got Daddy from outside as he was shoving the driveway. He got a gash above his eye, a scrap across the bridge of his nose and a bloody nose. Logan cut a band-aid to hold the cut close above his eye and after kisses he was fine --he just requested that he cuddle with Mommy and Kalia and watch tv.
The aftermath. Looks like he'll have a slight scar over his right eye.
PJ party!
Watching Micheal Jackson in Lola's room.
All of us slept in one room. Logan only got woken up by Kalia in the night once and asked to be taken to the washroom before falling right back to sleep.
Not even the flash woke him up!
Eating freezes with the boys.

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