Monday, September 12, 2011

What to do with all thouse Silly Bandz?

We have about a gazillion Silly Bandz in our house. 

Logan has traded them with his cousins and friends at daycare. He's gotten a bunch in loot bags. Although it's a fashion fad, it really strikes me as strange since you can't tell what the shape is of the bracelet until you take it off...but I guess there wasn't much to the slap bracelets I had in the late 80's either. 

Anyways, I picked up a couple packages of Silly Bandz from Hallmark for 10 cents each (!!!). So we declared it "Silly Band Night" at our house!

So what can you do with Silly Bandz?

1. Wear them!

2. Use them for fine motor skills
I gave Logan tweezers to try and pick them up with. These would be fun in a sensory bin.

 2. Sorting
Logan really enjoyed sorting all the Silly Bandz by color. Older kids could try and do this by theme like Teach Mamma has.

3. Silly Bandz Stretch Art
Kinda like string art but with silly bandz. We took a painting Logan did on drywall and then he helped me hammer a few small nails into it. Every silly band is is a slightly different size so you stretch it randomly over the nails -as a bonus you can also play music on it.

 We made a rather random shape but you could do a monogram or a more complex geometric shape. With Silly Bandz coming in a variety of colours it would be easy to match your decor too!

4. Silly Bandz Prints
We attached a bunch of Silly Bandz onto a toilet paper roll and rolled it in paint
 Unlike elastics, the Bandz don't lie flat and have a lot texture to them.

 Logan didn't like getting all the paint on his hands so we used a paint brush to roll them around.

 I really like the way these turned out. I think we'll being trying this on a larger scale soon. Maybe put the Bandz on an old rolling pin?

Look's sort of like Christian McLeod's Water Tags II  that was recently featured in the October 2011 issue of Style at Home (above the fireplace, hard to see here but click the links above).

5. Silly Bandz Stamps
Totally do-able but more suited for older kids. Just paint a side of the Silly Band and flop it down on the page.

 6. Silly Band Crayon Transfers
Again, this is likely more appealing to a slightly older age group then my three year old -Domestic Deva-in-Training has had better luck with this.. 
Here is the bird I did:
 And the shell Logan did:

7. Silly Bandz Guitar
Logan really liked this one. Given that the Silly Bandz are all slightly different sizes, they all make different notes when put over a Kleenex box.

8. Silly Bandz Decor -pretty jars and candle holders
Around a Starbucks Frappiccino bottle -the Bandz come in so many colours you could match it to any decor and colour combination
 Perfect for holding the flowers Logan made!

 They also look lovely wrapped around baby food jars and small candle holders
Those electric tea lights fit into the baby food jars -depending on the colour and how many you put on, you can really change up the effect you get

9. Addition to a memory box
I put an unopened package of Justin Bieber Silly Bandz in Kalia's memory box. You're welcome. 

10. Basically anything a rubber band can do, a Silly Band can do better!
For example, holding  precut apples together for our picnic!

Some other ideas I've found that we might try...
Time for Play has used them in ice extraction :

Therapy Source has a bunch of ideas, including fishing for Silly Bandz:
4 Crazy Kings use them as glass markers at parties:
 JBS used them in scrapbooking:
Kinder Journey has done some letter matching:
 SuperHeros and Princess have used them for storytelling:
A Very Dandoislion Life has made Silly Bandz soap!

What do you do with the Silly Bandz in your house?

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Just Jaime said...

What a fun idea! Very clever ideas!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

What great ideas!!!

i would love it if you would share this on my link party , Serenity Saturday over at


Cathy Linard-in-the-making said...

OMG! You have so many good ideas for all these Silly Bandz. I know my older girls would like to do the decorated glass jar idea and put them in their rooms. Those look really pretty!

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