Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing with wood scraps

Handy Randy Grandpa is finishing our basement and left us some wood scraps to use for art projects. 
Previously we made tall paintings with them (see here):
We paint a lot here so I was interested to see what Logan would do with different materials. I have him some glue, markers, buttons, pom-poms and paper circles...
He coloured for a while by himself

 Then he asked me to draw him on a block, then Kalia...soon he had our family lined up.
 then he glued some pieces together and got me to help by adding a clock, doors and windows. 
He told me that the pom-poms are birds sitting on our roof

 Once things were looking the way he wanted he put the art supplies away and put the family in one of the craft supply holders --"It's the car. You're driving Mommy."
 "It's time to go camping -load up the car!"

 "We're here!"

 Then he asked for his cousins to join we got the rocks he had previously painted and added gloogly eyes to.

 And everyone needed a he got me to draw a sippy cup, juice with a crazy straw, coffee for Daddy and tea for Mommy on the circles.
 I went into the project thinking Logan was going to create some art sculpture but instead it became a very imaginative role playing game. Logan's three and a half -it just goes to show that you don't need a box of fancy plastic figures and action figures; just some rocks and wood! :)

As for 8 month old Kali, she's just happy hanging out!
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Amy said...

We love creative and imaginative play. Thanks for sharing a cute, simple idea.

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