Friday, September 16, 2011

Harbourfront Sunday

No outing is complete without a few b-boy poses.  Logan has decided that his b-boy name is going to be L-Rock.
We stopped over at a rowing regatta to see Zia/Godmother Sarah. Here they are with the team's mascot. Man, Logan's expression here is too funny.
We all loved the dog Bailey -so cute!

 With the team's banner 
"See, I got muscles too!"
 Logan was super excited to be at Harbourfront. He brought his binoculars that were part of the loot bags from his Jungle birthday party. He was on the lookout for pirate ships!
 We went to the art gallery at Harbourfront

Logan seemed to "get" the art peices
"Oh, it's like trees. Right?"

  This one was his favourite

 Watching a magic show
 Having a picnic on the fake grass and watching yoga on the stage

Finally -a real pirate ship is spotted!

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