Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain Art

It was looking really gloomy outside so we decided to do some rain art.

Sturdy paper and or coffee filters: we used our beloved finger paint paper that this glossy on the back side and some coffee filters
 Washable markers: thicker ones would have been better 
Rain or a Squirt bottle

I've been trying to get Kali (almost 8 months) to get more involved in our art projects (see here and here). Most of the time she happily observing from the sidelines.  
At this age she's very aware and so I sat her on my lap to watch Logan but also to make our own drawing.

 She let me trace her hands...


Just sitting Kali on my lap and doodling away was so entertaining for her. She seemed to like the bright colours and after she discovered that they were coming from the marker I was moving around she chased it with her hand.  I'll have to doodle with her again- surprisingly very relaxing for mom and entertaining for a baby.

 And of course she also enjoyed playing with the paper
 Logan giving her some pointers on how to draw

 Gosh, these two pictures are so cute...

Just as it was starting to sprinkle outside we took the pictures out and put some glass stones on them to keep them from blowing away. Logan had an excellent idea of "helping the rain" by using his much loved squirt bottle (see here)

Heading in as it started to really rain. We totally forgot about them and probably should have fetched them out of the rain sooner so the colours would have been brighter

And OMG-why didn't I think of this sooner?!?!?  
Use your oven as a drying rack for your art projects! 
I actually attched a sticky to remind me they were there so I wouldn't turn on the oven but I normally peak inside before I do anyway. Totally wish I would have thought of this sooner!!!
And the finished products:

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