Saturday, July 30, 2011

Modified Gravity Painting

When looking for some rocks we picked up on our walk, we came across some scraps of drywall from Grandpa in the garage. We laid out some cardboard and set the pieces on some wood. I had envisioned a slight modification to our "tall painting" art project but Logan had different ideas.
He used q-tips to help speed up the process

I gave Logan a sponge brush, a popsicle stick and a bunch of q-tips to work with

Kalia watched Logan's every move
We used finger paints and pink and yellow glitter glue/paint

Man, this looks pretty awesome. Park of me wanted to make it "off limits" and let it just drip down. But art with a preschooler isn't always about the finished product. And it was his art not mine, so I let him explore and do what he wanted.

Logan pushing the paint down

Three paintings on drywall scraps.

He squished this one on a paper to make a print...A popsicle stick on it's side scraped this one
This one is my favorite
Close up of the texture --we used finger paints and sparkle glue.
Two pictures on finger paint paper.

We'll definitely being doing more "gravity painting"! Logan enjoyed it and Kali and I liked watching the process. I think working with different painting tools (q-tips, popsicle stick, sponge brush) and a surface that wasn't paper was interesting for Logan...I'll keep this in mind for our next art project

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