Saturday, July 30, 2011

Splash Pad Review 6: Upper Cornell

We left Tomlinson Park splash pad and went to the Upper Cornell one. This is located beside Little Rouge Public School - at the corner of Bur Oak, and Northvale, just north of 16th Avenue.


*Cement splash pad floor
*Well-timed floor jets, ball squirty thing on floor and pole with water squirting --aimed at younger kids
*Sand floor on park
*Park aimed at 6-12 but also things for younger kids
*Large covered gazebo between park and splash pad really the only shade

Here's the shade at the gazebo...
But the slash pad is a fair distance down the path from it. So no shade there until the trees get bigger.
We went to this splash pad when Logan was about a year and a half, so I sort of knew what to expect.
At three and a half he still enjoyed this spot -lots of different floor jets and space between them to go around.
After we both got wet and cooled down, we headed to the park. This is one of the reasons why having a sandy playground next to splash pad isn't such a great idea...

The park is designed for 6-12 year olds but there are a few things for younger kids, like baby swings.
"Mommy, why does this cat of wings? Is it sleeping"
I had flashbacks to Toddler Logan sitting in this -man, does time go by fast!
After we played for a bit in the park we went back to splash pad. Even though this splash pad is a fair distance from the playground there is a lot of sand-looks like it's a popular place to wash off your feet and hands! Similar 'slip issue' as the Benjamin Marr splash pad but this splash pad didn't have any steep declines to the drains.

Bringing a bucket to the splash pad (if it's not busy) seems to be a hit with Logan.
Good timing with the different floor squirters.
We both enjoyed running around this one!

There are two splash pads in Cornell -this one and the one at Benjamin Marr Park. This one is definitely the better of the two. However if you can't walk to it and you're driving, you might want to go a few blocks further and go to Swan Lake. Location is definitely a factor, so check out this map where you can plot all the "water play" splash parks on one map -great to see what's close to your house.

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