Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash Pad Review 2: Mingay/Bur Oak

The second splash pad we checked out in Markham was the one at the northwest corner of Mingay Ave and Bur Oak Ave.

Some highlights include:
*HUGE park with sponge floor
*Separate areas for bigger kids and smaller kids
*Medium sized splash pad with three water cannons
*Lots of covered benches for parents to sit
*Park on the street--bring your stroller as it's set back from road a fair bit

On the side for the older kids there were these cute saucer swings, a climbing area and then swings.
On the other side, there was an area for smaller kids

Past the little kids play area and swings is the splash pad
The trees are very small but they have plenty of covered benches
See those house in background? That's where you'll have to park, so bring your stroller to lug your stuff!
And here's the splash park! A mist tunnel, two spraying spouts, a few floor sprayers and the big draw -three water cannons at the back. Given that the park was so awesome this was a slight disappointment. I was hoping that at least the floor would be sponge too but it was cement.
Logan really liked the mist tunnel and the water cannons -and it had lots of seats in the shade. But it was further from the road and the splash pad wasn't as big as we were expecting given the size of the rest of the park. I could see this getting really busy on weekends, so I think we'd pick the Swan Lake splash pad over this one.

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