Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Youtube Super Star

Kalia and I had breakfast with Lolo and Lola on Wednesday. Every time I said "smile" to her she smiled like crazy. Very neat that she recognizes that word and can respond but what a smile! LOL

She's actually smiling here and not crying!

Allan's parents were killing themselves laughing, so I took a video:

And our videos are put up for mostly family or when I went to grab the link to the video to post on the blog, I was surprised to see almost two thousand hits! Looks like she might be the next Youtube Super Star:
UPDATE: We had a good laugh that Kalia was a Youtube star when we had 2,000 views...but the next morning it was 18,000 and then 35,000 and then 90,000. It's been an interesting experience to see this go viral. She's now "the baby that smiles on demand". I'm sure Kalia is going to have a good laugh about this when she is older. What a moment to get 15 minutes of fame for! LOL

Kalia also enjoyed playing the piano while we were there.

Oh, man! That crazy smile again! LOL

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