Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash Pad Review 4: Millikin Mills

The fourth splash pad we went to was the hard to find Millikin Mills Splash Pad. It's on the south side of 14th Avenue, just west of Kennedy Road, east of Birchmount. I would check the Google maps for this one before you go. You can either park at the Millikin Community Centre or go to the parking lot closer to the splash pad. If you park at the community centre and library, then you need to walk the pathway past two parks until you get to the splash pad. There was some construction when we went, so we went to the library and then drove to the parking lot by the splash pad. For someone not familiar to the area, this parking lot is hard to find! I didn't see any signs posted either. You need to turn off 14th Ave where the Trillium private school is. At the very back of the school is the parking lot.
*Larger trees for shade
*Picnic tables and benches
*Large gazebo with picnic tables
*Sponge floor on park
*Great park for younger and older kids
*Lots of open space -soccer fields and baseball fields
*Awesome large splash park but with a concrete floor

The splash pad and park:
Picnic tables!!! And under large trees too!

Bathrooms were open on a weekday! There is also a snack bar there too. There weren't any signs but I'm guessing it's open on weekends -I'm sure with all the baseball and soccer fields this place gets busy!
The large splash pad has lots of well timed jets and floor squirters. There is a pole with three buckets that fill and drop water and the "mushroom" water thing.
The gazebo and picnic tables are just past the washrooms and splash pads. This would be a great spot for a birthday party! When we went there was a summer camp having their lunch there.

Kalia liked the park too!

Washrooms, shade, a large park and splash pad! This place was great! If the splash pad had a sponge floor it would be close to perfect! It is worth trying to find the hidden parking lot as this is a hidden gem in Markham!

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