Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

This year we headed to Niagara Falls for Canada Day and to celebrate Daddy's birthday.
It was hot, hot, hot! And the air-conditioner broke!

Logan kept cool with Lolo by eating lots of Filipino ice cream---halo-halo flavor.

We checked out a new park in Niagara Falls. Logan and I were going to climb to the top of this until Logan saw some guys in British red coat uniforms there.
"Oh, those are funny guys. No mommy. I don't want to go up the Tower. Where's Daddy? I want to see Kali!"
Kali is always happy when she is eating

Watching Logan at the splash pad

Logan was very impressed that our friend's nephew was three and also named Logan! The next day he told us they that Logan was his best friend.

Always doing B-Boy poses...

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