Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun at the Niagara Aquarium

We had a great time at the Niagara Aquarium
For a five and two year old this was the perfect place to spend about two hours.

 The seals in the central tank were the biggest hit
If you go, you need to see the seal show.
All the seals were rescued -some were hurt or have medical conditions -and can not be released into the wild.
It's best to watch the show from the top floor.


 Turtles, tropical fish, seals and penguins! What a fun morning!

 Since we were in the States we headed over to Target to stock up on Goldfish! So many flavours over there that we don't have in Canada
Logan got some Lego, which was also cheaper over in the States and had fun putting it together with Daddy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pirate Birthday Party for Kali and Logan!

Kali turned two and Logan turned five!
We had a pirate birthday party for both of them at the new community centre. Lot's of Pintrest ideas put into action....
Love the white picture frames; I used these at Logan's dance party and Kali's garden gnome party.
We came up with cute names for all the food:
Cannon Balls (grapes),
Captain Sandwiches,
Catch of the Day (goldfish-idea from Cake Pop Galore), Gold nuggets (cheese squares),
Polly's Crackers (crackers! -idea from party shown here)...

The cupcake stand got another remodel with some pirate wrapping paper. The DYI project is here---made from the little wooden crates you get tangerines in!
The biggest hit was the blue jello --Shark Infested Water!
(Idea and tutorial at Happy Brown House)
Instead of centre pieces we placed pirate themed toys or books at the centre of each table. At the back of the room we set up "Coloring Cove" for the kids to play.
"What be your name Pirate?"
Having the kids wear name tags was very helpful since Logan had some friends from school who we weren't too familiar with--it was especially helpful when it came time to play games

The tattoo station!
We started the party off with a swim in the new pool at the community centre!

After some pizza and snack it was time to play some games. The biggest hit was walking the plank (idea from party on TomKat). We just painted the words on the wood with some silver paint I had and used some blue fabric on the floor. My dad suggested I make a shark---so I painted one on cardboard, put a big googly eye on it and hot glued it to a large paint stir stick. HUGE hit!  
Grandpa before he fell and got eaten by the shark!
Once the kids crossed over they could get a tattoo and a pirate head scarf; red and white scarf for the boys and pink for the girls. My mom had the idea of cutting up a sheet to make them which was much cheaper than buying the fabric by the yard.
 Happy 5th birthday, Loagn!
Happy 2nd birthday, Kalia!
 Guarding the treat bags and presents!
 Handing out treat bags and thanking people for coming. It's always important for us to have the kids do this....Kali doing this reminded of when Logan did this his Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd birthday party...
We were luck to have Zia Sarah, Grandma and Grandpa help us out! Thank you!
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