Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend

We visited the cousins earlier on in the week and Ki gave Logan his sock monkey. Very sweet and a very proud moment to see our nephew be so mature and giving to his little cousin. And Logan adores his monkey -he eats and sleeps with his monkey now. We took Logan to Bass Pro which is a huge "outdoors" store with a massive fish tank and stuffed animals all over the place. Logan liked the fish tank but was scared of the large cat fish.

There were animals all over the store...
And the Easter Bunny was there! No line up either! Logan wouldn't go up the Bunny alone and was a bit afraid of him but at least it wasn't like when he met Santa!
Saturday night Logan was coughing a lot and had a fever. Poor guy woke up around three with snot all down his face and asking for medicine. Sunday he seemed to be coughing non-stop and was breathing like he had asthma --off to our clinic! The clinic is open 12:30 to 3pm on Sundays; right at nap time. By the time the doctor got to us Logan had cried himself to sleep in my arms; which made the check up go smoothly! He could check his chest, his ears, his throat: everything with no problem!
Turns out Logan has an ear and chest infection. After waking up when got home, he went to bed for another two hours. This was him when he woke up--very sick, very hot and very, very sweaty!
When our little guy is sick he asks to cuddle and watch a "Logan Show", AKA home videos. We've recently introduced YouTube to him --now he requests random things he wants to see. Logan's most popular requests: "Micheal Jackson", "Billy Jean", "Beat It", "Snowman", "Duck" and "Baby".
Yup, even when he's sick he super cute. This is like ten minutes after he woke up...

Logan's taking some medicine for his ear infection and fever and has a puffer for his cough/chest. I'm going to stay home Monday with him at home. Hope he is feeling better soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Logan packs it up!

Logan and I were putting away his laundry when he pulled out his Bob the Builder suitcase. He would pack it up, run down the hall, come back to his room, empty it and then repeat! I wonder where he was pretending to travel to...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend

When Logan eats breakfast he likes to read flyers. He especially likes the book club flyers from daycare and pizza flyers. This kid is a cereal eating machine! His favorite is Rice Krispies in yogurt. This combination was invented when first introducing cereal to Logan and I found the milk too Logan's coordination is better but he still loves it.
Logan's imagination is pretty awesome. When ever he goes to the downstairs washroom he sings Micheal Jackson songs into the toilet paper holder. As cute as this is, we decided to pick up this echo microphone for him.
Our fort!

The three of us did some finger painting together!
Logan's learning to ride his bike. This was a birthday present from his cousins K.C.X. WE try and go out every day and practice.

He loves the little bell on it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live

On Tuesday our family took the day off and went downtown for Yo Gabba Gabba's show called "There's a Party in My City". This was Logan's birthday present so he got extra special treatment --timbits for a snack!
(see here for our YGG birthday party!) Tito Lee works a few buildings away and it was his birthday --we were so happy to see him!
Great seats!
All ready for the show to start!

Logan got the glow stick as a souvenir.
Logan behaved wonderfully --he sat nicely, sang along and clapped. This was his first live "show".
Singing "Cool Pool Party"

Hundreds of balloons fell down right before intermission!
They have beautiful old elevators at the theater.
Logan got to pull down the lever to make it go!
Bunchland had a play area set up --we made a tree for the little town.
(see here for the Bunchland dance party we went to)

Back for more "show".

Biz was there too!
Party in Brobee's tummy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinning MJ

Logan is two now.
He can count to ten, say his ABC's, is learning his colours and how to ride a trike.
He can also moonwalk and sings along to almost every Micheal Jackson song.
So it wasn't very surprising when Logan decided to preform an extended All Micheal Jackson DJ Set with daddy...

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