Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Princess Party

Logan's BFF, Kayla, celebrated her 4th birthday with a jumpy castle, a balloon guy and a princess theme birthday!

 Dress up time!

 Logan wasn't too sure about all this but then he got to dress up as a king!

 Kali preferred to watch all the singing and dancing from the sidelines...
 Getting a tattoo

 Cake time!

 "We're roommates. Can you deliver a pizza?"
Happy 4th birthday, Kayla!

Painting with Ice

 We froze food coloring in water and headed outside to do some ice painting!

 Kali liked watching them melt and having the colours mix together

Rides for Logan!

Kali in Wonderland

While Logan went on the Ghoster Coster, Kali went on the carousel!

Back for another ride with Logan

No chicken fingers for this little girl. She wants a whole hamburger or hot dog!

Ahhh, same crazy smile face!

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