Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Big Boy Rides

On the way to Logan's first dance class
Afterwards we headed to Wonderland and got there just before it opened --this might be our last visit for the season!
First time on the planes
First time on the Snoopy space ships

Second time on the rollar coster that day!

First time on the balloon ride

Hugs to his friend Kayla
Funnel Cake!! Yummy! We had to make sure we got it atleast once this year. :D

Apple Fest

Logan loved this game of trying to catch an apple with his mouth

Hands in pocket like Daddy

Where Mommy and Daddy got married

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Roller-Coaster Ride

At Wonderland on the helicopter ride"No hands!"
Running around the maze
Playing with his friend Kayla
And just like that --Logan can go on big boy rides by himself!
Here he is waiting for blast-off on a rocket ship!
And on the swing rideAnd if he can take on rides by himself then why not a roller-coaster?!?
He went on his first roller-coaster ride with Daddy, sitting in the last car.
Checking out the pictures from his ride.
I wanted to get a picture of them on the ride but saw that they were charging like $11 for a small picture...
But then I spotted a mom taking a picture of the picture with her phone --okay maybe a bit cheap but I thought it was rather brilliant.
Here's Logan's first roller-coaster ride picture: a huge smile and no-hands!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shutterfly Giveaway: Holiday Cards

I've been using Shutterfly since 2004 and it's seen us through many occasions --
We ordered our wedding thank-you cards, plus all our wedding pictures and enlargements,even a slide show DVD of all our wedding photos set to music,

super cute personalized baby shower thank you cards with Logan's ultrasound picture,

baby announcements -perfect when I couldn't decide on which picture to use,

a customized poster for Uncle Kyle, which they shipped directly to Vietnam,

a photo book of Logan's first camping trip, which Logan reads every night now and get excited about seeing himself in a book,

and most recently Logan's Big Boy Book which celebrates all the big boy things he is doing, like wearing underwear, break dancing and being a big brother!

As a busy mom one of the best things I love is ordering my pictures from them twice a year and getting them sent to my mailbox. I can even get them to send copies of the prints to the Grandparents with a free little note included in the package. The only thing I don't like is that shipping to Canada isn't as fast as I would like, mostly because I'm the kind of person that wants things yesterday. I've been using them for six years, so I've always felt it's been worth the wait.

Shutterfly is sponsoring a giveaway of
10 free 5x7 flat stationary cards
And I'm keeping this super easy for you too. All you have to do is visit these links and leave a message what design you like:
*Christmas Photo Cards
Holiday Photo Cards

International entries are welcome! Winners will be randomly selected next Thursday, Sept 30th and I will contact you by email (if I can) and announce the winners here. :D

WINNER: Congratulations, Skittles!

I've got two more codes for 10 free cards --just leave a comment and they're yours!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Saturday morning we went on a treasure hunt!
I took sticky notes, added arrows and put them around the house for Logan to follow.

At the end he got a gift from his Godmother that we hadn't opened yet.
Later on Logan took Daddy on the same treasure hunt and was just as happy when they got to the end and found the empty bathtub.

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