Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bowling with a Preschooler

Logan saw The Man with the Yellow Hat bowl and on PBS kids they showed how the machines set up the pins. So when it was too cool to continue our "splash pad tour" on Friday, Logan requested that we go bowling. So I wondered,
What age do kids start bowling? Was three and a half too young? What are our bowling options: cosmic bowling, bumper bowling? Should I go some place where I pay by the hour or by the game?

This is what I found:
*Three and a half seemed like an okay age to start bowling. This place had shoes starting at size 8, so that may be a factor for some.
*Bumper bowling is a must with preschoolers and for mommy's who haven't bowled in ages
And they really do need the little bowling ball guider sure what's it is called but without it, Logan's bowls went very, very slow and one stopped half way down the lane.
*Cosmic bowling would have been too much for a first attempt at this age. It would be fun to try now that he has the basic down.
*By the hour worked out great for us. It was the perfect amount for his attention span and we fit in two games.

Since we were going bowling, I took my grandmother's bowling broach and pined it onto a chain to make a necklace.
Logan liked my necklace and asked for one too. So we made this before we left the house. He's learning how to use the hole puncher and the circle cutters so he was very happy to punch the top hole and make the bowling ball.
Cute bowling craft!
We were there ten minutes before it opened and Logan was so excited he didn't want to go any where else. I even offered to take him to the store around the corner for a treat but he just wanted to wait.
First ones in the bowling alley!

Thank goodness for bumper bowling!
Kalia took her morning nap here without any fuss. I had planned to put her in her stroller so she would have a better view of us playing but this bowling alley was in the basement of a plaza and I didn't see an elevator.

I think most places have automatic scoring now. Phew!
So here's a good shot of the ball guider thingy. I don't think Logan could have played without this as when he tried his balls either got stopped in the lane or went painfully slow.
Getting distracted by the Justin Bieber video playing
Overall an awesome morning!
Check out Kids Bowl Free to see if there is a bowling alley near you participating in the program. None in Markham yet! :(


Unknown said...

I know it is been a while since you posted that but it's helpful information. Thank you! My sons are roughly the same age as your children here. I have been considering taking the older bowling.

bowling alley said...

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