Sunday, June 12, 2011

Painting and Melting Ice

We love playing with ice at our house but we've kept it in the bath tub. I saw the idea for mixing paint into ice cubes at No Time for Flashcards and knew that it would be something that Logan would enjoy. Logan explored this new way of painting by first using them as stamps and then later pushing them around and watching them leave tracks.
We used "finger painting paper" from the dollar store with has a glossy backside so it take on more liquid. Since it's a thicker paper we're going to use this idea of using it as wrapping paper --perfect for fathers day!
As they melted, Logan used his hands and fingers more. And check out Logan's Asian Squat! I guess this was genetically passed done from his father, since no one has "taught" him how to do this and I fall over when I try. :D
Kalia and I checking out the action -she was intensely watching her brother

After we ate ice!! Logan's loving the Mott's all-fruit freezes!
The next day I had planned another ice activity for outside but it rained. So we just got our crafting table cloth again...I froze a bunch of toys in an ice block for Logan, which is something we do a lot for the bath. Taking the idea from Counting Coconuts, this time I gave him some tools to try and get them out.
He knew right away that warm water would melt it but what's this white stuff?
"Is it sugar?"
"No, it's no sugar. Give it a little taste."
He used the spoon and also the foam brush to "paint" it on
Loving the turkey baster --which is now a light pink from our colour mixing experiment.
Logan using his plastic toy hammer
This is an activity we'll try again --next time outside on a hot day!

Adding this to the No Time For Flash Cards Link and Learn!

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Cave Momma said...

We just did similar things last week! It was a blast! Love those paintings, they turned out great!

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