Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mixing colours with vinegar and baking soda

Logan and I have played with baking soda and vinegar once before and he was surprisingly only mildly interested in it. When I saw the post at Not Just Cute about hiding a few drops of food coloring under the baking soda, I knew we had a winner.
I used glass baby bottles that we're no longer using. Logan really liked the smaller ones as they overflowed.
5 month old Kalia seemed to enjoy watching the activity too!
"Is it water?", Logan asked. "No, it's something else...I got Logan to smell it -definitely not water! Then we tasted it!
After he discovered all the colours that were hidden, I let him go ahead and experiment with mixing more vinegar or baking soda in.

Logan then announced he was going to make purple! He discovered how to make purple when we were painting with our feet and I reinforced it with a colour mixing activity in the bath last week. I'm happy to see that the lesson has "stuck".
Sucking up purple! He's really got a handle on using his turkey baster
AKA "The Colour Mixer"

Adding this to the No Time For Flashcards Link and Learn!

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Cave Momma said...

I found your blog through No Time For Flashcards. I love this idea! We have done water color mixing before and that was a hit but this adds a whole new level of science. I'll definitely be implementing this!

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