Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Preschooler Craft

We hosted a play date on Saturday so I prepared a simple preschooler craft. I printed outline of trees that I found FREE on the Nature Detectives website. Then I just set out crayons and stickers.
I'm pretty impressed that he drew water for the fish in first drawing and had the caterpillars crawling up the tree "to eat the apples" the the second. Very creative!
Just as simple but more messy....the next day we decided to paint some of the trees. I laid out our craft tablecloth and we got to work.
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They tuned out really nice!

Logan asked to do hand prints...

Logan then asked if he could paint with his feet. Ummm..okay. So off we went his socks and pants!

He loved this but it was a bit messy. Thankfully he's old enough not to go off running around the house --straight to the bath after to see the water change colour as we washed him up!
Logan found out that red and blue make purple!
Some of the finished masterpieces

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