Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Wheels Live: Fearless at the 500

Winning us point towards the Coolest Parents of the Decade Award, we took Kalia and Logan to a free Hot Wheels event.
Hot Wheels + break dancing = one very happy Logan!
Watching the semi-finals

Daddy knew the DJs, so they invited Logan over. He got to meet Mad Dog from Virgin radio and check out the DJ set-up

Checking out the latest Hot Wheel toys
Daddy showed Logan a really fast Indy car...but Logan saw something that he was more interested in!!
OMG It's Usher!!!!!!!
During the break between battles, Logan went and danced with the "big boy breakers". No head spins as he didn't want to ruin his hair. He was so thrilled when at the end they clapped for him!
Walking around Brick Works where the event was held
Checking out all the cars on display
Driving with Mommy
Watching the final break dancing battle

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