Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Update from Daddy Al

We got our grass, yay! We’re also up to our ass in bills now...yay! I’m so looking forward to Muriah going back to work as she is as well -having the dual income will allow me to start spending frivolously again LOL. As much as she loves being Mommy though, I can tell it’s starting to take a toll on her as Logan has become incredibly exhausting. Especially the past 2 weeks.

He is teething again (teeth coming in on the top!), has a bad diaper rash and is just getting over a cold. It’s been causing him to wake up in the middle of the night and he’s been pretty grumpy. The diaper rash is pretty rough, I feel bad for him...everytime he goes to the bathroom it bother’s the crap out of him (no pun intended). He seems to be getting better and we’re hoping we get our Logan back this week…we have him on Tempra for the cold & teething and my Dad wrote a prescription for his diaper rash. He’s been REALLY clingy recently….for the most part, when he wakes up at night he just wants his pacifier but a couple times he’s woken up and wouldn’t fall back a sleep unless we were holding him. It’s tough to deal with because he’s been sleeping in his own crib since day 1 then all of a sudden he won’t go to bed unless we’re holding him…and we don’t want him to get used to it or get into that habit. We’re hoping it’s just because he’s sick…mind you, he melts my heart when I go in his room, he reaches for me then when I pick him up, he rests his head on my shoulder and falls back asleep…definitely makes up for the rough times. His hand eye coordination is getting better...he can now eat cheerios on his own, holds his own sippy cup and can feed himself cookies! We have to buy a new car seat because he has already out grown the one that came with the stroller…he’s over 20 lbs now! He is very squirmy and wants to start crawling/walking…I’m thinking within the next month he’ll be crawling.

Day care is anywhere between $1100 to $1700 a month! Muriah is checking out the places….she really wants to go back to work, she can use the break. Like I said, she loves being Mommy but it’s just starting to take it’s toll on her. I’ve mentioned to her a number of times that she needs to get out of the house for her own sanity…and it’s good for Logan too. I’d lose my mind if I was staying in the house all day too! She used to go to a lot of play groups with Logan but I guess there’s just always stuff to do around the new house, she sometimes forgets to take that walk, get some fresh air and exhale for a bit. But man, it’s gonna be hard leaving Logan with a complete stranger…

Other than that, I’m hanging in there. Even though it’s been rough the past 2 weeks, Logan makes up for it in a number of ways. Actually, all he has to do is smile…we’re such suckers LOL

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GarbageJ said...

Come to think of it, I haven't seen my buddy Logan in ages!

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