Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friends and Family Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. We started Saturday morning with Darryl and cute-as-a-button- girlfriend Nadine. Logan was a big flirt and fell in love with Nadine. For a snotty nose baby he was very well behaved and was even called a 'sophisticated baby' by Darryl. LOL

Then off to New Hamburg! Logan was so happy to hang out with his grandparents and it was also his first time eating Cheerios -yummy!

While Logan slept over at the Grandparents we celebrated Lee (finally) graduating.
Sunday afternoon we made a stop-over at Great Grandma's on our way home.
Logan was so happy to look and grab all the flowers around Great Grandma's house. And then Monday morning Logan got his fourth tooth in -the top right one.

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