Sunday, September 9, 2012

First day of Junior Kindergarten

Logan has started Junior Kindergarten! He was super excited; no fear, no tears, no worries. He's loving being in the Senior preschool classroom on days he's not in Kindergarten too!

Here is a similar photo on his first day of preschool...I just added the text in the Paint program, pretty simple!

Birthday Weekend

The day after returning home from two weeks in Europe, we all went to Niagara Falls for the long weekend. It was a nice way for us to spend sometime all together...and to celebrate my birthday!
 Logan and Kalia had fun at the arcade and we went to WaxWorks!

 Birthday dinner!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun at Niagara Safari

We had a few extra fun weekends in Niagara are two weekends in one post. 
This weekend started with a trip to Niagara Safari!
Kali enjoyed the petting zoo area...
 The park was a huge hit!

 Lunch time!

 Train ride

 At the splash pad

 Feeding monkeys

We were even joined that weekend by cousin X -here they are at the arcade!

And we found the BEST splash pad we have ever been to:
-Astro turf in the playground and sponge on teh splash pad! Finally the perfect combo
-Away from the parking lot beside a community center with pool
-Shaded (!) picnic area
-Little kids and big kids playground areas
-Swings for little kids, big kids, and disabled
-Well timed splash pad 
-Lots of sitting areas
-Picnic benches and grass to picnic on
-Beside a skate park
Basically the dream splash we have been searching for!!! While it's in Niagara Falls we plan on visiting when ever we are there (Wish it was in Markham/Cornell!). For a four year old and a one year old this is perfect and much better then paying to go to one of the indoor splash areas.
 Bathrooms by the swings and more picnic tables
 Little kids play area

 Big kids play area with the splash pad beyond it

 And then back at the house we had more fun with the slip and slide and a bubble blower machine!

 Cuddles for Daddy!

 And Logan and I visited the new upside down house. Totally not worth it DO NOT GO! BOOOO! But Logan did actually like it but not worth the admission price.

 At the Filipino restaurant with Lola

 And then on our way home we stopped by a BBQ with the cousins!

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