Monday, October 27, 2008

Fight Night and Daycare Woes

This Saturday was UFC Fight Night at our place. Logan had lots of fun hanging out with his cousins and his Auntie Vicki.

We also celebrated Lolo's birthday!

Some say the cupcake trend is coming to an end. My prediction is that 'mini cakes' are on their way up!
And in other news...

Finding daycare in our neighbourhood is more stressful than I anticipated. I'm actually loosing sleep over it. I didn't think that I would be 'one of those mom's' but I am terrified of having to leave Logan at a daycare that I'm not 100% comfortable with.

So far there has only been one place that I would completely trust with Logan's care but they do not have any availability in their infant program and we've been advised to get on the toddler program waiting list! We're dropping off our registration forms and deposit tomorrow and hope we can get into the toddler program for summer 2009.

So the search continues for infant daycare for Logan, which is so much harder to find than toddler daycare. We need a place that is close by as Allan and I commute to work. As well, I'm concerned about how much time the babies are strapped into a high chair or put in a crib rather than crawling and playing around. I think I might even look into home daycare as things are not looking so fabulous...we're ninth on a waiting list for one daycare that has had mixed reviews and two other places we've looked at don't have waiting lists -you just call two months in advance to see if there is space and then it's first-come-first-served. :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Update from Daddy Al

We got our grass, yay! We’re also up to our ass in bills now...yay! I’m so looking forward to Muriah going back to work as she is as well -having the dual income will allow me to start spending frivolously again LOL. As much as she loves being Mommy though, I can tell it’s starting to take a toll on her as Logan has become incredibly exhausting. Especially the past 2 weeks.

He is teething again (teeth coming in on the top!), has a bad diaper rash and is just getting over a cold. It’s been causing him to wake up in the middle of the night and he’s been pretty grumpy. The diaper rash is pretty rough, I feel bad for him...everytime he goes to the bathroom it bother’s the crap out of him (no pun intended). He seems to be getting better and we’re hoping we get our Logan back this week…we have him on Tempra for the cold & teething and my Dad wrote a prescription for his diaper rash. He’s been REALLY clingy recently….for the most part, when he wakes up at night he just wants his pacifier but a couple times he’s woken up and wouldn’t fall back a sleep unless we were holding him. It’s tough to deal with because he’s been sleeping in his own crib since day 1 then all of a sudden he won’t go to bed unless we’re holding him…and we don’t want him to get used to it or get into that habit. We’re hoping it’s just because he’s sick…mind you, he melts my heart when I go in his room, he reaches for me then when I pick him up, he rests his head on my shoulder and falls back asleep…definitely makes up for the rough times. His hand eye coordination is getting better...he can now eat cheerios on his own, holds his own sippy cup and can feed himself cookies! We have to buy a new car seat because he has already out grown the one that came with the stroller…he’s over 20 lbs now! He is very squirmy and wants to start crawling/walking…I’m thinking within the next month he’ll be crawling.

Day care is anywhere between $1100 to $1700 a month! Muriah is checking out the places….she really wants to go back to work, she can use the break. Like I said, she loves being Mommy but it’s just starting to take it’s toll on her. I’ve mentioned to her a number of times that she needs to get out of the house for her own sanity…and it’s good for Logan too. I’d lose my mind if I was staying in the house all day too! She used to go to a lot of play groups with Logan but I guess there’s just always stuff to do around the new house, she sometimes forgets to take that walk, get some fresh air and exhale for a bit. But man, it’s gonna be hard leaving Logan with a complete stranger…

Other than that, I’m hanging in there. Even though it’s been rough the past 2 weeks, Logan makes up for it in a number of ways. Actually, all he has to do is smile…we’re such suckers LOL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friends and Family Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. We started Saturday morning with Darryl and cute-as-a-button- girlfriend Nadine. Logan was a big flirt and fell in love with Nadine. For a snotty nose baby he was very well behaved and was even called a 'sophisticated baby' by Darryl. LOL

Then off to New Hamburg! Logan was so happy to hang out with his grandparents and it was also his first time eating Cheerios -yummy!

While Logan slept over at the Grandparents we celebrated Lee (finally) graduating.
Sunday afternoon we made a stop-over at Great Grandma's on our way home.
Logan was so happy to look and grab all the flowers around Great Grandma's house. And then Monday morning Logan got his fourth tooth in -the top right one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Third Tooth

Even though Logan had a runny nose and was teething, he was in good spirits when his special visitors arrived yesterday. Julie and Harry have moved to Canada from Sweden! Logan enjoyed all the postcards and letters but he was very happy to finally give them real hugs and kisses!
" It's hard work being a baby! I'm 7 months and 4 weeks old. Today my third tooth came in -the first one on the top!"
Unfortunately the rashes, poopy diapers, coughing and crying have continued. However Logan is a future male model so when I pull out the camera I can normally get him to stop crying long enough to wipe his nose.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a really tough week for Logan and therefore a horrible week for Mommy. It's bad enough when a baby is going though just one of these but Logan is dealing with all of this at the same time: a bad cold, teething and a bad diaper rash. Logan is complaining and crying a lot, which is very rare for him. This Thanksgiving I was very thankful that my parents could come for visit for a few days and help out because I was starting to loose my mind.

Today Logan woke up from his nap and found himself in a pumpkin patch...and actually stayed in a good mood long enough for a quick photo shoot. Amazing!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First time at the Fall Fair

We went to the local Fall Fair this Sunday with Logan's Auntie, Uncle and cousins. Logan was mildly interested in the animals on display. I would like to think that he made a connection to all the 'farm animal activities' we've been doing to actually seeing the animals...maybe he thought this was Ben the Bunny from his book?
You know you're in Canada when...
I've never seen a mobile Tim Horton's before! All the proceeds were going to the local hospital.

Friday's Walk

Since almost all the sidewalks are now in, Logan and I went for a walk after lunch around our whole subdivision. He wasn't too impressed with me that he had to wear a hat and mittens.
We got home before Logan's normal 2pm afternoon nap. Thankful he wasn't still mad about the whole mitten situation but instead was in one of his crazy silly moods...

Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Months: Morning Routine Review

Here is what a typical morning with Logan is like....


A lot of prior work has made Logan a good sleeper. He goes to bed around 7:30-8pm and wake up around 6am for his soother and his blanket to be put back around him. Then he sleeps until around 7am. A diaper change and then some play time with daddy before he goes to work!

Before I go to bed I boil water for Logan's bottles the next day and lay out the items for his breakfast. This just makes things go smoother. He gets a Mum Mum biscuit, cereal, a fruit (today was apple sauce), water and then he can top it off with his bottle. I give the bottle last as he is eating more solid foods and now doesn't drink as much from his bottle.

While I get this all ready and make coffee, Logan eats his vegetable flavour Mum Mum. This keeps him busy and the level of morning screaming has significantly gone down. Logan drinks water and apple juice from his sippy cup. I started with giving him water from a 'sippy cup' that just dripped when tilted and then once he got the hang of it, he moved on to the real sippy cup. He is just now trying to drink from it himself. I've tried to give him his formula from the cup but he won't have it. The plan is to give him whole milk later only from the sippy cup to make the transition away from the bottle. We'll see how that works.

After breakfast and his bottle, Logan plays in his jumper while Mommy eats breakfast and watches the morning news...basically I'm waiting for him to do his morning stinky.


Bath time! This is such an easier thing to do now that Logan can pretty much sit by himself. I just need to keep one hand on him at all times. Logan loves grabbing his toys and looking at himself in the mirror -he doesn't really splash around yet, thank goodness!

After bath time I let Logan touch the wind chime his cousin Justin gave us. I'm teaching him the word 'gentle', it seems to be going well..Before he use to grab the chimes and pull, now he knows just to softly hit them. Also, when he's banging his toys and I say 'gentle', he seems to know what it means.


After bath time Logan watches Baby Einstein in our room while I shower, blow dry my hair and change. After a month I figured out that Logan's routine has to accommodate my schedule too -otherwise it's noon and you realize you're still in your pjs and you haven't eatten yet. Logan use to sit in this chair beside the shower with a toy bar and look at his dangling toys, then he started swatting at them, then he started grabbing them, then he started ripping them off and throwing them. Now he sits and plays with toys in his lap and watches 'his show'.


If we're going out this is good time to leave the house because it's almost morning nap time. If we're staying in, it's floor time. Logan now loves his tummy time and is trying to crawl. This week we're learning all about farm animals as we're planning on going to the Markham Fair this weekend. Once he starts complaining, I know he's getting sleepy so it's time to cuddle and read. This book that you 'pet' the farm animals is his current favorite. When he gets restless we play 'hand games'; I count his fingers, we play Open Close (a Filipino favorite, he's not interested in 'Beautiful Eyes' yet LOL) and sing twinkle twinkle. Then I set him down in crib -sleepy but still awake. 11:30

I'm up! Let's play!!

Logan sleeps between an hour to two hours in the morning. During this nap I did a laundry did the dishes, got Logan's lunch and bottle ready, did the prep work for tonight's dinner, made an appointment for a daycare tour next week and checked my e-mail and favorite blogs.

We fit in a bit of playtime before lunch. What a great morning!
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