Thursday, July 31, 2008

We LOVE Auntie Helen!!!

We got a package in the mail yesterday from Auntie Helen in London!
Auntie Helen made us the most beautiful book. She took excepts and pictures from Logan's Baby Blog and put it all together. What a wonderful keepsake for Logan.
"Oh my! I have my own book?! I'm famous!"
The tissue paper was a big hit too....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Better Soon! Please!

Logan has a bit of a cough, is sneezing and the worst thing -he has a running nose. I guess I would be cranky too if I couldn't blow my own nose. "Smile for the camera? You've got to kidding me, Mommy!"

There's been lots of 'random acts of crying today'....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

Today we went to the Baby Goose program offered at the library. Afterwards we both had a picnic lunch together in the park. Logan read his new book from Auntie Mylene, 'Good Morning Bobo!' and I read book three of Hot Gimmick, the newest shojo magna series I'm getting into. Yes, I'm aware that the target audience of these graphic novels is 15 year old girls but I'm totally into it. I even signed up for an account on crunchyroll. I'm such a dork. I must be the oldest person on there.
Anyways, this was the view looking up that Logan and I had in the park. Ahhhh, isn't summer wonderful?!
Logan also got new baby sunglasses from Auntie Mylene. He's such a cool dude...or whatever the term is now.
He gave his first performance today to all his toys.

He got rave reviews from everyone there!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

NBA 3 on 3 and Jacob's B-day Party

On Saturday we went downtown to cheer on Daddy in the NBA 3 on 3 tournament.
Daddy made it to the semi-finals!
This bottle was actually closed but Logan wanted to practice for when he gets bigger.
"I'll work on my jump shot later...."
On Sunday it was Jacob's Birthday party.
Logan is starting to give hugs now and will passes off slobbering on your cheek as a kiss.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Big Roll

On Friday Logan and I went to "Fun in the Park" put on by the Early Years Centre. In Ontario these centres provide free programs for children and their caregivers. Logan and I try to go to one infant program a week -we like 'singable stories' and 'babies in playland'. This summer they're offering a few play dates in the park behind the library for kids 0-6 years. Since swimming is now done, we decide to check it out.
It was nice that we weren't with all with infants, as Logan liked watching the older kids playing games. I thought Logan was going to practice rolling onto his side and snapped these pictures....

Logan surprised me by rolling on to his TUMMY! I was so excited I almost cried. LOL I wish could have gotten a video for Allan but it's amazing I just happened to be taking pictures. Here's Logan feeling happy with himself and his new 'trick'. After all this excitement, we went to Library to read books together.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Fun

Logan had his last Mum and Tot swimming class today. They all got report cards afterwards -Logan passed!

Here are some pictures from Tita Lori and Evan.

Swimming class was a bit of a challenge for us but it was worth the effort. Logan normally gets up around 7am and we had be out the door for 8:30 to be in the pool by 9. The first day I wondered 'what do I pack?', 'how are we we both going to eat and get changed and get out the door in time?' and 'how are we both suppose to shower and change at the pool?' Here are some tips of what we found worked well for us...

*Setting out both of our clothing and packing our bag the night before was crucial to getting out the door on time
*I showered and blow dried my hair the night before
*Putting Logan in his swimming diaper, swimming suit and a t-shirt just before we left the house worked well. When we got there, I only had to pull off his shirt and he was ready to go. I packed an extra swimming diaper in case he 'made a stinky' on the way there but it never happened
*I wore my bathing suit under my clothing and flip flops
*I packed everything in a beach bag. Better than a diaper bag because there was no zippers or flap to open, I could just reach in and grab what I needed
*I brought the padded mat from our diaper bag so I could lay Logan down on the bench and even in the locker
*Showering with a slippery baby in your arms isn't the easiest. We brought a baby wash/shampoo combo and it had a flip lid (rather than screw lid) so I only needed one hand.
*A plastic bag for our wet bathing suits meant the extra diapers in the beach bag didn't get ruined
*We used the 'family' change room rather than the woman's change room. They had stalls to change in and wide benches inside to lay Logan down on.

After swimming we met up with the cousins for lunch and a trip to the park. Logan went down the slide for the first time!

After the park the kids had fun with chalk... Caprii drew "a boat with a pretty sail so it can fly".

Then they got ready for the upcoming Olympics...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cottage Life

Today we went to Tita Precy and Tito Dodong's cottage for the day. It's on Rice Lake which is just an hour away.
We went with Lola and cousin Jessie.
Jessie was rockin' her new hair cut -which I LOVE. She's all excited about going into grade six in September since that is the highest grade at her school...then she's off to Junior High.
Jessie 'helped' with Logan's diaper. However she retreated to the other side of the room when she found out it was a stinky diaper and returned only when Logan was cleaned up.
It did rain while we where there. The thunderstorm nixed the boat ride around the lake but we still had fun hanging out. Tita Precy found Logan to be such a happy boy and was impressed with how friendly he was. Tita Precy has three boys who are all grown up now. Here she is 'trying to remember' how to feed and burp a baby -she did just fine!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jenn's Debut

Allan's cousin, Jennifer, had her 18th birthday. We went to her Filipnio Debut on Saturday. When a Filipina turns 18 she has a big party -Let me show you a bit about this tradition...
Here is daddy, Logan and Great Lola. Lola is wearing a traditional Filipino dress.

Here we are with Jenn! The birthday girl normally dresses in all white and gets to be Princess for the day -kinda like a wedding! The party's theme was 'blue & white'. Both sets of grandparents were there for the big party. Logan was very happy about this. One tradition is picking 18 males and 18 females. Each pair goes up to birthday girl. She lights the candle that the female holds and the male gives the birthday girl a roses and has a dance with her. Afterwards we sing Happy Birthday and she blows out all the 18 candles. Allan and I were picked to be apart of this.Here is Allan dancing with Jenn. It went from oldest couple to youngest. We were happy that we had to wait a bit! After this Jenn cut her massive cake. Yes, that is a little mini fountain underneath.
Logan was thrilled to be around everyone and refused to go to bed; even after his last bottle and changing him into his pjs.
He's such a party animal!

On the dance floor!
Loggie didn't fall asleep until 10:45 -his normal bedtime is 8pm!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming with Tito Lee

We checked out the house again. Here's Logan in the new kitchen. Things are looking good but I think there are a bunch of upgrades that we paid for that are missing....
Lee came with us to swimming class this morning!
So many swimming friends!
Evan and Logan are enjoying this activity together.
We went out for super tonight too. Yes, Helen it's all you can eat sushi again....
My Boys
PS: Sarah they are back together!!!!!!!!!! :)
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