Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

Today we went to the Baby Goose program offered at the library. Afterwards we both had a picnic lunch together in the park. Logan read his new book from Auntie Mylene, 'Good Morning Bobo!' and I read book three of Hot Gimmick, the newest shojo magna series I'm getting into. Yes, I'm aware that the target audience of these graphic novels is 15 year old girls but I'm totally into it. I even signed up for an account on crunchyroll. I'm such a dork. I must be the oldest person on there.
Anyways, this was the view looking up that Logan and I had in the park. Ahhhh, isn't summer wonderful?!
Logan also got new baby sunglasses from Auntie Mylene. He's such a cool dude...or whatever the term is now.
He gave his first performance today to all his toys.

He got rave reviews from everyone there!

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