Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 with Justin

We spent Easter in NFalls again. This time we brought cousin Justin with us. Logan was thrilled about this and soon declared Justin his best friend! 

 A trip to the arcade!

 Kali HAD to go on a few rides...

 On Cliffton Hill AKA Funny Street

 Justin and Logan in the Fun House
 Easter Egg hunting in the backyard

 Taking Lola for a walk...

Happy Easter!

Jr Basketball

After completing the "Sports with Daddy" program, Logan said he'd like to do basketball class. He had his first Jr Basketball class last Saturday morning and really enjoyed it. 

Logan got picked to be "Mr Wolf" and he was so excited to be the person who got to be "it'!

Kali went and checked it out too. But was more interested in finding stairs to climb and chips.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party!

My Sister-in-Law throws the best kid's parties --check out cosin K's 10th birthday Angry Birds bash!

 Using painters tape on the wall was genius!

 Kali Diva
 Logan got to show off the new iPad from Uncle Kyle

 Having a Toca Boca tea party!

 Logan felt really special showing the older kids how to play the Toca Boca hair cutting game...

 Happy 10th Birthday!
 As always, Logan is first in line. He love watching the cake getting cut and getting a piece but actually doesn't really care about eating the actual cake...

Poor Daddy

Kali had a PD day so Daddy had it booked off....then Mommy came home from work early! To take Daddy to the emergency room!
His knee swelled  up and he couldn't walk! We thought he torn something but it turns out it was gout. Luckily Kali was great during our afternoon in the ER.
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