Monday, November 28, 2011

And she's off!

With a lot of clapping, cheering and much excitement, Kali took her first steps using her walker before bath one night.  

 This is how Logan learned to walk -he started using the walker at 11 months. Not to be outdone by her brother, Kali has mastered this at 10 months. Same walker, same master bedroom, same excitement.

Camp at home

Logan was watching Mikey Mouse Tree House on a Saturday morning and it was one where they went camping. So we set up the play tent.
Kalia wanted to join in on the fun so a bunch of sofa cushions went inside too

 So they were both crawling in and out, in and out

 And crawling over each other laughing away! So great to see the kids begin to really play together

 :D Oh, Kali! That smile again!

 Great fun! Logan and I even dragged the tent up to his room and he took his nap in it.

Jazz Hands

 Logan was the youngest and the only boy in his jazz dance class. While he liked going every week, it didn't come close to excitement he had to going to Paul's break dancing studio.
 It was "parent's day", so we got to get some pictures -normally we watch through one of those one-way mirrors.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pictures from the Great Canadian Visit 2011

We enjoyed having Uncle Kyle, Auntie Thao and cousin Katie stay with us for two weeks. Totally not long enough but we have many happy memories of them.

 Playing with Uncle Kyle's ipad was a big deal for Logan and every morning he would sit with Katie at breakfast and want to play doctor or cut hair. They look so cute sitting together.
 The kids make a cake to surprise Auntie Thao on her birthday!

 We had a nice family dinner out too!

 A very nice long weekend in Niagara Falls

 A trip to the CN Tower

 And a trip to the petting zoo where a Lama spit on Uncle Kyle (Logan is still telling this funny story!)

Saying good bye was hard! 
 We miss you! XOXOXO  
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