Friday, November 25, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our family loves Halloween! On Logan's first Halloween we were vampires and bats, then we were pirates, and then a royal family. This year Allan and I were zoo keepers and the kids were elephants. Kali seemed to enjoy her first Halloween!

 Grandma even dressed up as little Red Riding Hood and helped take Logan around to the houses

 As always, Aunties house was scary!

 It was also Auntie Thao's and Katie's first time trick-or-treating!

 A very fun night with the cousins!

  And when we got home, some kids were still trick-or-treating in our area. Logan took some of his own candy and wanted to hand it out. He was so excited about this. Totally going to be a new tradition --great way to get rid of all those suckers and rockets!

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