Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Splash Pad Review 8: Byer’s Pond Way Park

Next on our "Splash Park Tour" was Byer's Pond Way Park. A bit North of Markham in Stouvffille, we always found this to be worth the drive. It's just off Hoover Park Drive on Byer's Park.

*Parking on the street beside the park
*Sponge floor for the splash pad
*Jets, water cannons, mister hoops --all well-timed too for lots of fun!
*Shade by benches on east side of park
*Picnic tables down the hill away from the park
*Small rocks for playground floor
*Two park sets aimed for about 1 to 12 years old

The "bigger kid" playgroundLooking for a picnic spot behind the parkFound the picnic tables! Pretty far from the park and no shade
We decided to have our picnic at the shaded benches on the east side of park. There has always been shade here the many times we've come, so they are well placed.

The "little kids" play area

And here's the splash pad!
We didn't go to it on this trip as a daycare group came by so we decided to just head to the next park. However, we have been to this splash pads many times -it was the first splash pad Logan
ever went to.
To see a bunch of pictures of this splash pad's features you can look
here, here, here and here!

It's nice how two playgrounds and the splash pads have to stone boarder around them --it helps keeps the stones in the playground and there is always a place to sit close by your child.

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