Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sandpaper Transfer T-Shirts

Logan was super excited about "Laugh your head off" Day at school. So the night before we made a special t-shirt for him to wear. So simple too!

All you need is:
-A light coloured t-shirt (we used a white one with a stain)
-IronWe used a fine grit sandpaper (10 for $1.25 at Dollar Rama) and had Logan draw on it. We told him to press down hard and go over the lines a few times.
This is Logan's "funny picture"...

Then I just ironed it on with a piece of cardboard under where the design would go. There are a few more tips here about the ironing process that I found after wards but it really is just as simple as it's sounding.
And voila! A work of art "laugh your head off" t-shirt! Great upcycling for shirts with some stains -what three year old can keep a white t-shirt clean anyways!?

Logan made the awesome hat at school
And the next week this t-shirt went through the wash and dryer along with all the other clothes. I was worried it would have rubbed off on the other clothing but it didn't -and it didn't even fade! This was so simple! Don't be surprised if you next birthday or Christmas gift involves this --I mean, how cute would this be on a canvas tote bag??!!
That night Big Cousin Justin came over with his mom and cousin Jessie --Logan took Justin to his room to show him his Micheal Jackson and Justin Bieber poster. When I came up a while later, Logan was showing Jsutin his "treasure box" which has random junk in it.
And yes. That is a Rasta banana in Logan's room.
Showing the guests his dance recital video
Kalia "smiling" for the camera!

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