Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bunch Family True North Party

We took Logan to his first club experience today.
Yes, he's not even two and he's been on the dance floor at the Guvernement.
He is that cool.
We went to a family dance party hosted Bunch with the neat theme True North.
Logan reacted just as we expected --he wanted us to hold him and wanted to check every out first -the main room with the dancing Mountie and Yeti, the backroom with polar bears and glow-in-the dark colouring and the upper "snowstorm" room with snowballs and snowflakes. After about ten minutes, once he got a sense of what was going on, he was having a blast dancing and playing with the other kids.
In the upper room overlooking the dance floor.
Looking at DJ Fase
But soon Logan needs to take a break to dance...

In the main room
Watching the Yeti dance...
Logan would rather be dancing then posing for pictures
Lights in the backroom

Logan's favorite spot to dance was on the stage in front of the DJ

Watching the Mountie tame the Yeti though dancing

You know you're in Canada when there is dancing bacon, donuts and cheese...
What a great time! We hope to catch more of their events...


Unknown said...

Just found this! We're so glad Logan (and you guys) had fun!

-Rebecca from Bunch

Yummy Mommy Mia said...

Thanks, Rebecca! We love Bunch! We were sure to check you out at Yo Gabba Gabba Live too:

We're looking forward to the next family dance party!

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