Monday, September 28, 2009

Logan's next Wordle

I went to Wordle and made these -the site takes the most common words from your blog and makes art of it! I thought it would be neat to compare it to one I did over a year ago.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lost Pictures

Uncle Kyle helped to restore some pictures that Momma deleted from the memory card by accident -thank you!!!

Here is last Sunday --Logan and Grandma cooking lunch.

Grandpa taught Logan to dunk his cookie and say "mmm, mmm" while rubbing his tummy!

Walking to the 'big park'...looking a lot like Fall!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ice Cream and Swimming

On Friday night, Logan's Grandparents came for a visit. We celebrated with some cake and a bowl of ice cream. Logan sing happy birthday every time he sees a cake, which I think is adorable.

Logan also got to show off his tap dancing again...

On Saturday morning, Logan played in the backyard with his grandparents.

He even helped Grandma pick some tomatoes!

Mowing the grass with the new mower! It was also the first day of swim classes. Logan is now in Parent and Tot level 2 now. He was so happy to go swimming! It's every Saturday for like 9 weeks so Allan and I are going alternate who goes with him.

We went to Lolo and Lola's for supper. Dada set up the pitching net in the backyard.

Note that Logan still has a Filipino spring roll in his hand -this kid is always eating!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mathew's 16th Birthday and Tap Dancing

On Saturday we headed over to Sushi Mountain for Mathew's 16th birthday party. All the kids are growing up so fast -click here to see them last year.

Playing with his Uncle Edwin
Logan really liked the cupcakes...because he could feed them to his Auntie!

On Monday Lola and Auntie Beth came by for dinner. Logan had melon and dripped all over himself so we took off his clothes and were going to take him up to his bath....but before his bath he wanted to give a performance to everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Saturday

Zia Sarah's dragon boat team was racing on Lakeshore so we went to cheer her on!
Here is Logan showing off his 'blue candy' face. Their team is called 'OMG Ponies' and we got a temporary tattoo of their mascot. Logan wasn't too impressed with it at first...

But then he liked it.
Sitting with Zia Sarah and Tita Shilpa
Liking the change into shorts!

Later that afternoon we went to the local free Children's Festival. At the giant chess set, two older kids kept knocking down all the pieces -Logan thought this was great fun and went behind them and put all the pieces back upright.

He also enjoyed playing soccer. Daddy showed him that you are suppose to kick the ball into the net; he understood and kept hitting ball after ball into the net.
Great coaching, Dada!
The play kitchen was a big hit too. He liked playing house with the little girl there.
Running through the signs was also a big hit!

Tonight in the bath Logan laid down on his back -which is something he really hasn't done before. Normally in the big tub he sits or goes on his tummy. He thought this new position was very relaxing...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Weekend

On Thursday night Grandma and Grandpa came over for a visit. Friday morning he went to daycare for a short day while the downstairs got painted.

Happy 29th Birthday, Momma! On Saturday we all went to the petting zoo after a scenic drive in the country...

Logan's favorite animal to feed was Grandpa!

Sunday morning it was cuddles and cartoons with Grandma...

And popsicles for dessert at lunch!

Planting tulips with Grandma

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