Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ice Cream and Swimming

On Friday night, Logan's Grandparents came for a visit. We celebrated with some cake and a bowl of ice cream. Logan sing happy birthday every time he sees a cake, which I think is adorable.

Logan also got to show off his tap dancing again...

On Saturday morning, Logan played in the backyard with his grandparents.

He even helped Grandma pick some tomatoes!

Mowing the grass with the new mower! It was also the first day of swim classes. Logan is now in Parent and Tot level 2 now. He was so happy to go swimming! It's every Saturday for like 9 weeks so Allan and I are going alternate who goes with him.

We went to Lolo and Lola's for supper. Dada set up the pitching net in the backyard.

Note that Logan still has a Filipino spring roll in his hand -this kid is always eating!

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