Friday, April 19, 2013

Cuba Cayo Coco 2013

We had the most amazing vacation to Cayo Coco in Cuba --and I have over 6oo photos to prove it! Here are just a few...

Even the plane rides went alright. The flight attendant handed out these sticker mats which were a big hit with Kali

Visiting the Playa Coco parrot

 Learning a new dance at the pool

"Chu Chu wa, chu wa, chu wa, wa, wa.." Logan loved doing this dance at mini disco each  and was so happy when he got to bring Dad up with him one time.

  Grandpa now knows how to make the perfect Cuba Libre!

 Our big night out!

Logan was happy to pose for pictures...but all his poses were wrestler poses!

 Ice cream every day!!

 Feeding the fish

 Beach party!

What a great time! We were really happy to spend the week with Grandma and Grandpa too! :D
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