Monday, November 29, 2010


Logan enjoys opening the all our mail for us. So talked about the mail and how it goes from one house to another house. We put a special card in an envelope for Great Grandma and Logan got to put the stamp on it!
Then he rode his bike to the mail box at the end of the street so he could mail it to Great Grandma himself!

Making Ice

With just a couple of things Logan learnt about ice...We took the ice tray and put a button in each area.
Key the owl watched this step very carefully!Then I let Logan pour water into each one --I just put down two tea towels underneath. It was good practice!Afterwards we put yarn in each slot -the string we started out with wouldn't stay and yarn worked the best. Then into the freezer it went!
Ta-da! Logan made ice!
Logan got to pop them out and pull the string around a tub until they melted. Next time I think we're going to try something that takes a little longer to melt -like this!

Happy 1st Birthday, Nikeel!

We went to Nikeel's first birthday party!
Logan especially liked all the games he got to play. They sat in a circle and when the music stopped they got to unwrap a layer of a present. Logan got to unwrap the last layer and won a pair of binoculars!
They also played pin the tail on the donkey -Logan was number five
Logan loved the dancing game --you got to dance around and then freeze when the music stopped. Logan was sure he did a breakdancer pose each time he froze!

And there was cake too! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manny! Manny!

I switched cameras and haven't gotten use to the settings yet --so just blurry pictures of our play date with Kayla, Tita Kat and Logan's birthday AND brunch with Tito Lee and PJ. :(

Here's Logan and his cousin cheering for Manny. They did this for about forty minute.

Group shot of the crazy cousins in the basement --Logan broke his record and stayed up until 11 pm until he came and told us he was ready for bed. Slept in until almost 8:30am the next morning and then back to his routine.

Jabbawockee Jr

Uncle D gave Logan a Jabbawockeez mask . He loves dressing up as them and dancing along to their routines...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lizards have a house and the dragon is fed

Grandma and Grandpa came for another visit! Colouring a car Building a house for the lizards
We also made them a table, some chairs and a tv.

Logan was very excited to show Grandpa and Grandma around the Science Centre...
Feeding Logan to the dragon!
Letting Logan's toy Quatchi see his cousin
At the store with Grandma

At the water play station

Logan showing me his Science Center water outfit

Allan and I even got a night out! Here's Edwin and Raquel doing the tea ceremony at their reception
Groom Tito Edwin, Daddy and Uncle D
Baby Bump!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweeen 2010

In 2008 we were a family of Vampires with our baby bat... In 2009 we were pirates with our parrot...
And for 2010, we went as a Knight, a pet dragon and a Queen!
Logan with his crazy cousins Practicing saying "trick or treat" with Auntie

With the cousins getting ready to goWith cousin Hannah ready to set out!
Logan's best line of the night: "I'm too happy!"
Second best: "Oh! That was easy!""It's okay, Daddy. That's a funny house"
Checking out Auntie's house
Scary! Sweet!

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