Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday and Sunday Fun

Friday night Grandma and Grandpa came over. As soon as Logan went to bed the charity baking started -we made about 5 dozen cupcakes, over a hundred cookies and put together about 40 bags of popcorn.

We set up in the park for the Annual Cornell Garage sale. Thanks to the family and friends who donated books!

How could any one resist these! Cheap, yummy and for a good cause! We made $125 for our friend Sarah's 1/2 Marathon run, which goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

While Logan won't remember it, it was important to us to have him there for the book and bake sale. He stayed at the table and watched us set up and then waved at people and dogs as they pasted. His daycare teacher even came by and made a donation. Charity work is hard work -luckily Grandpa took him for a break at the nearby swings.
Daddy took Logan to see his Godmother for lunch while we finished up.
After lunch Logan 'cut the grass for us'. And to jam pack more fun into the day, Logan's cousins, Auntie, Uncle, Lolo and Lola came over for Supper! I've been saving the lids of the frozen juice cans as there are tons of crafts you can make with them. I wrote letters and numbers on the lids and the kids had fun dropping them in order through a slot on the top of a coffee can.

We sold out of cookies and popcorn but had a few cupcakes leftover. We gave Logan a whole one since he worked so hard that morning!

After the cupcake Logan had to take a bath and wash his hair. Then he got to show everyone his DVD of his school play.

On Sunday we had big plans to go to a petting zoo in Markham. But it rained so instead we went to Pacific Mall to buy some cheap DVDs.

"Thanks for visiting me, Grandma and Grandpa! I hope to see you both again soon!"

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thao said...

aww Mom, sell me some cookie please,hihi. Cookie look so yummy. Wowow didnt know you made lot of money 125 $.. Oh Mom look so cute with short hair.. Kyle said you copy from mrs poole,hahaha..
Logan wowow u look verry tall to see you growing up fast..

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