Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

We started Saturday off with a trip to see Lolo and Lola at the office. We went to the Delta hotel to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary -dinner with Lola, swimming at the pool and nice room.

We've never really used the playpen much so Logan was actually really excited to be in it. We think he pretending to be a hamster or something. He would run around and stop everyone in a while for a puff snack. He was so happy. We deiced that we would just go with the flow and let him eat snacks and stay up late -after all he's on vacation too! He ended up going to bed about an hour and half later than normal and slept though the night. Even having the tv on didn't bother him. :)

The next morning we went for another swim. Here is Logan in his 'ninja turtle' wetsuit. It has a built in floatation device.
Then in the afternoon we went to Markham Museum which was hosting it's free 'Community Day'. This was where Allan and I got married three years ago.

Waiting for the train...

Buying candy at the old store.

Ice Cream!

Then back at home Logan and I went for a walk, went to the park and gave the dinosaur who lives in our garden a bath.

Our family sure knows how to make the most of a weekend! To top our anniversary weekend off we got a very bright and pretty rainbow.

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Jean said...

Great great photos! You've created a wonderful combination. Thanks for sharing. Hey, in case you have a great business idea I'd say just go for it.

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