Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Sleep Solution

Katya, my co-worker at CCO is doing a massive bike ride to raise money for cancer research -over 200 kilometers in two days! I'm totally amazed and proud of her for doing this challenge. Pretty much everyone has a friend or family member who has been touched by cancer. Five dollars is not a sacrifice but little donations add up. The research it supports could help saved a loved ones life or maybe even your own. I challenge everyone reading this to go here to donate five bucks -just skip your Starbucks Latte and get a karma boost instead.

Thank you Tito Simon and Tita Fan for my play mat!

Today is day one of trying out the Baby Sleep Solution. I read this book last night and it's a bit of the 'BW', 'Happiest Baby on the Block' and the 'No Cry Sleep Solution' -except this lady says start at eight weeks and by 12 weeks your baby will sleep through the night -not just six or seven hours of sleep but up to twelve and take two regular naps in the day. Um, yeah, I'm totally all over this one! The 'No Cry' book basically says you're out of luck until month four.

So this is day one of following the first of four steps. The first step is getting your baby to eat every four hours in the day (8am, 12am, 4pm and 8pm) and try to get him to be the wake the most between the last two daytime feedings (4-8pm). This needs to be established first before working on the night feedings. Anyways, you can track our progress on our
Trixie Tracker page.

Here's one of the charts from our tracker showing the propability of Logan being awake or sleep. Hopefully in four weeks the 8am until 8am will be become solid black.

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