Friday, April 18, 2008

It's all good, baby, baby!

Today I actually feel awake! I think it's the first morning in two months were I felt that I didn't need a nap as soon as I woke up. Ahhh! It feels amazing!

I picked up The Lull-a-bye Sleep Plan from the library yesterday and put it work right away last night. Even though the author calls out the No Cry Sleep Plan and The Baby Sleep Solution books, I'm going to use a combo approach. I was not looking forward to 'sleep training' since even the 'no cry sleep plan' actually has a bit of crying. I just don't feel comfortable with that. However the Lull-a-bye plan has no crying and it actually seems to work for Logan.

So this is the plan going forward: Before giving a bottle to Logan at night when he wakes up, I offer a pacifier first and talk softly to him AKA the lulling to sleep -without taking him out of his crib (unless he's going ballistic and then only until he calms down). Basically I go from head to toe and say good night to him softly ("good night Logan's eyes, good night Logan's cheeks, good night Logan's ears..") with the occasional coaching ("Mommy is here, it's bedtime, it's time to learn to go to sleep.."). The idea is that they are soothed by your voice and learn how to relax and fall back asleep...soon without your help.

In addition to this we're moving on a modified Step 2 of the The Sleep Solution, which is slowly decreasing the volume amount of the second feeding and increasing the volume of daytime feedings which are every four hours.

I never really thought you had to teach a baby how to fall asleep. I guess I though they just gradually did it themselves; slowly sleeping longer each day. I never really thought about the need of teaching good sleep habits.
Logan taking a proper afternoon nap in his portable crib after I 'lulled him to sleep' -he's been asleep over an hour so far! A load of laundry is in washer, bottles are cleaned, I've eaten and now might even get a cat nap in myself!

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