Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Logan and his friend Na'eema

So I'm trying to do the Baby Sleep Solution with Logan. Step one is having him eat every four hours in the day, be most awake between 4 and 8pm and put him down to bed after his 8pm feeding. so far it's gone okay. It's nice that I know now when he is going to eat in the day(8,12,4,8) as I know what to pack when we go out. For example, when we went to the baby show I knew at 11:45 we should start to look for a calm place to sit because it was almost time to eat. Better than having him freak out at random times because he's hungry. However it's not the most flexible. Logan met Na'eema last night but it resulted in his 8pm bottle in the car and a little bit later bedtime. This disruption in our routine may have had a role in last nights drama.

I went to bed around 10pm last night and maybe got 4 or 5 hours of sleep. After I finished washing and getting the next bottle ready at 4am this morning I actually walked into a wall on my way to bed. Today I'm just going to follow what my brother-in-law does and do a 'Jedi mind trick' on myself and just pretend I got eight relaxing hours of sleep. Anyways, this Friday it's time to work on Step 2 and I'm afraid because I know it isn't going to be easy...

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